27th January 2020

Creative Class

In a country where sustainability is such a pressing issue, it’s important to “teach it to them young.” During this Creative Class, children from a local neighbourhood in Jakarta were taught the 3 R's-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle—through the artistic medium of crafts. Crafts included action figures made by tightly rolling paper scraps into blocky cylinders, and customized booklets made from binding leftover cardboard paper together with string. The children were then given free reign over decorating their action figures and booklets with paint, glue, and rhinestones.

Trash is typically discarded once it loses its original usefulness, but it’s important to challenge the conventional usage of items headed for the bin. At the Creative Class, for instance, the children learned to revitalize paper trash by turning it into art. Oftentimes we become fixated on one way of using something; however, new life can be given to nearly anything when we repurpose an item that would otherwise be thrown away.

How can one-use plastic be repurposed? Shopping bags can be used to line trash-cans; bottle-caps can be used for mosaics. How can paper waste be repurposed? Old newspaper can be used for paper mache; old magazines can be turned into collages. Ultimately, the goal is to altogether reduce the production of trash by being more mindful about what we buy; yet, we can create beautiful things with the trash that already exists. Something meant for the bin can be transformed into something to be marvelled at.

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