Our Values

Rumah Faye knows no matter who you are, you can do something good. They don’t have to come from rich backgrounds, have lots of accolades, or be in a position of power. But, they have to be people who have a passion, and want to work with heart.

We conclude the above statement into three core values that are integral to each Rumah Faye volunteer:


Strong: The issue that Rumah Faye advocates is not an issue that is easily accepted with an open mind by our society, therefore volunteers at Faye's House are expected to have perseverance. Strong in the sense of having a strong and undeterrable character in carrying out the vision and mission of Rumah Faye.

Supportive: Rumah Faye volunteers are young individuals who are passionate and are eager to learn. Individuals of the like usually have differences of opinion and different ways of working but Rumah Faye believes that as long as we support each other, we have nothing to fear. Moral support, an open mind, and the ability to learn among volunteers makes Rumah Faye a dynamic and healthy place for social activities for young people.

Sincere: Basically, making a decision to become a volunteer is not because we are stronger, have more free time than others, or because we are smarter. One thing that encourages us to volunteer is because we have the same idea, "life will be more beautiful if we share it". Whatever volunteers do for children and the Indonesian community departs from sincerity.

Rumah Faye encourages Indonesian children and society to focus on hope, not only the bad things that happen.