100% all of donation go to our children.

100% of the donation you give goes to Rumah Aman for Recovery Program

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The donation you give means a lot to children in the Rumah Aman.


Donation Total: Rp250.000

Don't miss a life


Adults have participated for Child Protection Program.


Child and women have been saved by Rumah Faye.


Teachers have been trained about Child Protection.


Children have been educated about child trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.


Schools has received education about Child Protection.


Communities and vulnerable areas get education about Child Protection.

Our Values

Rumah Faye believes that everyone can do something good. You don’t have to come from a wealthy background, have many accolades, or be in a position of power, you must simply have passion to do good.

Sahabat Faye

Meet the people who work together to fight for children rights to be free from the dangers of abuse, trafficking and child exploitation.

Strong, Supportive, Sincere



The issue that Rumah Faye advocates for is not easy to discuss in our society. As a result, volunteers at Rumah Faye are expected to have perseverance. To us, strength means having an unrelenting and undeterrable character in helping us carry out the vision and mission of Rumah Faye.



Volunteers at Rumah Faye are youths and young adults who are eager to learn. We may have differing opinions and different ways of working, but Rumah Faye knows that as long as there is a culture of support and open-mindedness, we will suceed. Moral support, collaboration, and an openness to learn from one another makes Rumah Faye a dynamic and healthy place for action and socialization between young people.



Making the decision to become a volunteer is not because we feel we are stronger, smarter, or simply more available. What drives us to volunteer is the shared belief that "life will be more beautiful if we share it". Whatever volunteers do for our children and the Indonesian community comes from sincerity.

Words from our family