What We Do

Prevention Program

Community and School-based Socializations

Our socializations aim to encourage empathy and knowledge in the general public on topics that may be considered taboo, such as reproductive health, child trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of children.

Skill-building Classes

Providing technical knowledge to survivors and vulnerable children through cooking classes, creative classes, and pottery.


Strengthening networks on a national and regional level to advocate against child trafficking and all other forms of child abuse.


In our prevention program, we also funded the education of a combined 5 (five) children in Jakarta and Batam in 2019. Many of the children we work with are unable to continue their education due to financial troubles. Through this program, we hope to decrease the number of children in the illegal workforce by helping them have the necessary skills to pursue a career.

Creating a Child Protection Network

Creating and facilitating the formation of a Child Protection Network on a village level by involving local leaders.

Campaign and Policy Advocacy

Advocating for policies that protect children and strengthening stakeholder support to provide access to justice and rehabilitation for children and women through an integrated referral system.

Rescue Program

Referral System

We receive cases through collaboration and coordination with NGOs, local government agencies, and law enforcement.

Case Assistance

Accompanying victims through the legal process including receiving reports, victim assessment, BAP process assistance, mediation, case conference (if needed), visum process, handling cases, assisting victims in giving testimony in court, and monitoring the course of cases up to case decisions.



Conducting field assessments to police stations and vulnerable areas.

Recovery Program

Shelter and Safehouse

Providing shelter and safety for young girls who were victims of trafficking, exploitation, and sexual abuse.​

Health Services and Health Access Assistance

Providing health screening services for survivors, such as HIV, AIDS, and other STI screening services. We also provide further health services to treat any other physical trauma our girls suffer as a result of their ordeals.

Psychospatial Recovery

Providing individual and group counseling services to survivors, along with psychological therapy from a professional.

Education and Psychoeducation

Providing education on child protection, child rights, reproductive health, school subjects, and life skill education for survivors.

Therapy and Empowerment of Skills

We teach skills such as handicrafts, hydroponics, make up classes, cooking classes, and pottery. Our children also learn to market the handicraft they produce produced.

Post Rehabilitation Reintegration and Monitoring

Reuniting survivors with their family after the rehabilitation process. After, we conduct a six month long monitoring process to make sure the survivors do not become victims of trafficking, exploitation, or abuse ever again.