About Rumah Faye

Rumah Faye is one of Indonesia’s leading independent organisation for children.


Save Indonesian children from human trafficking, violence and exploitation


MIsi 1

Communication, Information, and Education.

Misi 2

Receiving reports from the public; Collaboration with non-government organizations, the government, and law enforcement officials; Policy advocacy.

Misi 3

Assessment, Case Assistance, Rehabilitation.

Our Belief

Every child needs a home to feel loved from their parents, relatives, and community. Regardless of background, a home must be a place where the child’s needs are fulfilled.

One of the needs of the survivors we work with is the presence of family. Rumah Faye tries our best to be there for them by prioritizing their physical and mental wellbeing, all while giving them a positive and healthy space to rediscover themselves.

A Letter from Faye (2013)

I am Faye Simanjuntak. My life motto is to “Serve God by appreciating and helping others.” Right now, my mother and I are building a home called Rumah Faye. In this ‘home’, we hope to be able to help children who have become victims of trafficking.

Rumah Faye has a vision of a world where every child’s right to live, be protected, grow up, and participate is met. To see that vision come to life, we have a mission to raise awareness in our community about child trafficking and hopefully create a home for survivors of trafficking. We have three programs: prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation.


Faye Simanjuntak