Oration on Child Protection by Treasurer of Batam City Children Forum

Assalamualaikum wr.wb. How are you?

I hope we’re all staying healthy and spirited. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ayudia Hadi Ningrum. Apart from being a student, I am also joining an organization at the Batam City Children Forum. Here I will deliver a speech about Ending Violence towards Children in Batam City.

Ladies, gentlemen, and all my friends,

The number of cases of violence against children in Batam City has increased. From 2020 to March 2021, cases of violence were dominated by cases of sexual violence against children. The types of sexual violence that we hear mostly about sexual abuse and obscenity. The causes of the increased issue of violence are due to economic factors, education, and patriarchal culture. Thus, we are very concerned about the increasing cases of violence against children in Batam City.

In addition to sexual violence, violence cases against children in Batam City that continue to increase are child abandonment and exploitation. This is very concerning even though the government protects children from violence, stated in Law Number 23 concerning Child Protection. We often see and hear about violence against children. Frequently, the perpetrators are the closest people around them. Therefore, if you see a child being abused around you, don’t hesitate to tell your parents or other adults you can trust.

Ladies, gentlemen, and all my friends,

To protect children from sexual violence and other incidents, parents must educate children by teaching them to identify their body parts, which are appropriate and inappropriate to touch. Teach children to dare to say “no,” “don’t,” and “shouldn’t” when someone desires to touch their body. Teach boys to respect girls, so when they grow up, they won’t commit such violence. And teach girls that they are strong, tough, and brave figures who can fight.

For parents, it is always necessary to be the first place for children to tell their stories. For a child, father and mother are their home as well as their world. We want parents to be able to spend time with us, to be friends, and also role models. In addition, we also want to be accompanied so that we get to know a world that is so foreign to us sometimes. If we happen to get abused, please don’t blame us. Otherwise, we want to be hugged and loved by mom and dad.

Ladies, gentlemen, and all my friends,

Most children victims of sexual and other violence are reluctant to report because of fear and shame. This is where our role, the Children Forum as a pioneer, provides support and strives to give them confidence. We can help and restore self-confidence so that children feel safe and protected. Let’s stop violence against children and women, protect them, and listen to their voices together.

That’s all my short speech. Please forgive me if there is any flaw because I am still in the learning process. May Indonesian children be free from all forms of violence. Protect Indonesian children from the influence of violence. Happy Kartini Day, After Darkness, Comes the Light.

Wassalamualaikum WR WB. Greetings, Indonesian children! 

(The oration delivered online at the Campaign and Declaration of the Protection of Children and Women in Nongsa District on April 21, 2021)

Orator: Ayudia Hadi Arum (15 tahun)
Editor: Lina Yanti
Proofreader: Mellysa Anastasya
Translator: Hasna Fatina

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