Tips to make sure your kids aren’t bored of #dirumahaja during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone, from babies to grandparents to stay home. Many parents, in turn, have been given a new challenge: thinking of ways to entertain the kiddos at home!

Here are some little tips we collected that might be useful for you and your children during this trying time. We hope that, while at home, everyone can still participate in fun and healthy activities that are beneficial to child growth and development!

  1. Remember that every child will have different responses to the pandemic. Make sure you take the time to give them love and attention while patiently explaining the COVID-19 situation.
  2. Don’t forget to ask for your child’s opinion! Whether it’s their fears, thoughts, or even prospective solutions, every child has wonderful ideas to communicate. Initiate a healthy dialogue with your child and invite them to think critically!
  3. Be with your children throughout the day. The situation is scary, and they will need you. Ensure they are healthy and make sure they move around!
  4. Have a daily routine! Mix it up and add some fun activities to make sure your child is not bored. Encourage them to play and come up with their own games.
  5. Be straight-forward. Explaining a pandemic to a child is not easy. Regardless, if they don’t understand, they won’t be cautious. Maintain a discussion so they can ask you questions about the situation.

Children are easily bored without activities and commonly depend on attending school to meet up with friends. They will struggle with stress and loneliness, so parents must be ready to open their doors and spend time with them! We hope these tips will be useful. We are thinking of you at Rumah Faye. Stay safe, and keep fighting!

Author: Imam Mukhlishin
Editor: Mellysa Anastasya
Translator: Faye Simanjuntak

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