Help protect children. Don’t share. Don’t comment. Report!

Your browser does not support the HTML5 Dalam rangka memperingati Safer Internet Day 2023, Rumah Faye mendukung kampanye yang dilakukan oleh Meta dengan judul “Bantu lindungi anak. Jangan bagikan. Jangan komentari. Laporkan” dengan tujuan untuk mengedukasi pengguna internet tentang materi kekerasan seksual anak / child sexual abuse material (CSAM).* Tahukah kamu bahwa kamu dapat membantu melindungi […]

4 Years of Scholarship Recipient’s Journey with Rumah Faye

4 Years of Scholarship Recipient’s Journey with Rumah Faye Hello, my name is Miftakhul Janah, better known as Mifta. In the middle of 2021, I just graduated from SMA Negeri 20 Jakarta. Since I was a child, I lived under the bridge in Kampung Melayu. It’s not just my family who live under the bridge, […]

The Importance of Synergy in Preventing Child Labor

Children are the next generation of the nation. They must be educated to become people who have high spirits with broad knowledge. To achieve these expectations, they must carry out their obligations and get their rights. Every child has rights. Do you know about child rights? In 1923, Jebb submitted a draft children’s declaration at […]

Child Labour Free Certification: Small Steps with Big Impacts

Child Labor Free Certification: Small Steps with Big Impacts “The power to change lies with us, the consumers” – Amberoot The Global Phenomenon of Child Labour: Facts, Data and Law The year 2021 is actually a reminder to the world about the long journey to create a world free from child labour. This is because […]

Revitalisation of Child Education: Fighting Against Learning Loss

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic a year ago has changed many aspects of human life in various parts of the world. One aspect of life that is significantly affected is education, especially primary and secondary education. Imagine, children lose the opportunity to learn face to face and interact with teachers and their friends at […]

A Guide to Identify Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)

Mengidentifikasi Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)

A Guide to Identify Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) As if a never-ending saga, sexual harassment cases occurred again. This time the perpetrator is a celebrity who’s familiarly called influencers. It is known that while doing live on Instagram, the influencer, who’s also a musician, invited female followers to join the stream and asked […]

Commemorating Children’s National Day: Indonesian Children Speak Up and Create!

July 23 is celebrated as National Children’s Day. Ever since the pandemic came to Indonesia, the commemoration of the National Children’s Day is slightly different from previous years. This year Rumah Faye commemorated National Children’s Day by holding a drawing competition called “Let’s Wear a Mask” which was participated by children aged 5-12 years, and […]

Online Sexual Exploitation of Children: Have Our Laws Worked Well?

 The Flashback of Online Prostitution Case Online prostitution cases involving 75 people, including 18 girls through the MiChat application, have been secured by the police at two hotels located in West Jakarta.[1] These young women are tricked, seduced, and lured by two pimps for money who intend to sell them to philanderers for selfish gain. […]