What we do

Our vision is to free Indonesian children from trafficking, abuse, and exploitation


Increasing community awareness of child trafficking, child exploitation, and sexual violence against children.


Rescuing children from trafficking, exploitation, and sexual abuse.


Providing a safe haven, including counseling, education, and life skills, for victims of child trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.

"How much do you want to sacrifice for your passion? How much do you want to sacrifice for what you think is right"

- Faye Simanjuntak -

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25th November 2020

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence
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23rd October 2020

Reflection: 7 Years of Rumah Faye Journey
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9th October 2020

Erasing the Stigma Surrounding Victims of Sexual Assault
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Words from our family

"Humanizing humans is extremely important, and that's exactly what Rumah Faye does. Thank you Rumah Faye!"


Staf Pendamping Rumah Faye

"Before I worked at Rumah Faye, I only felt sympathetic to the victims of trafficking I saw on TV. Now, I'm able to help them immediately at Rumah Faye. "


Staf Pendamping Rumah Faye

"When I feel my life is overwhelmed with problems and then I see their problems, I feel that my problems don't even compare. I have to do something."


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